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Denmark has been ranked as the happiest place and Danish people as the happiest in EU by both the studies in Cambridge University (2007) and Leicester University (2006) and second happiest in the world in World database of Happiness (2000-9).  Denmark has every quality of the happiest place where Danish people have the lowest income inequality in the world, with a Gini index of 24.7 in 1997.  The World Audit ranks Denmark as the world’s most democratic country, least corrupt and second for freedom of press in 2008.  Denmark has been ranked 3rd best in child well-being in rich countries by UNICEF in 2007.

Denmark is a great country to build a good career as it has the highest employment rate in Europe and it enjoys 2nd highest nominal GDP per capita in EU, after Luxembourg in 2012.  Both the quality of life and rich job opportunities make it an ideal place to live and work.

The Danish Greencard scheme (CLOSED)

The Danish Greencard scheme is a residence and work permit granted for the purpose of seeking work in Denmark. A residence permit under the Greencard scheme gives you the right to carry out paid or unpaid work. This permit is issued on the basis of an individual evaluation based on a point system. The points in the Greencard scheme are given on the basis of objective criteria used to assess whether applicants are generally suited to apply for highly qualified jobs in Denmark.


  1. Best and ideal opportunity for graduates with a Master degree
  2. An affordable visa process
  3. The best opportunity for medical and para-medical professionals
  4. apply for a Danish citizenship (if you are eligible)
  5. Great salary jobs

We in VIHA are specialized in applying for Danish green card scheme and we know the job market with in-depth understanding about the skills required to get a top class job. We can help you to become a professional and advice you to become one of the highly paid employee.  Our counselors at VIHA will provide dedicated service through career advice and training material; our expert recruiters will frame your CVs, motivational or cover letter, search & apply for jobs and conduct mock interviews.  Our dedicated service provides all the services with refund policy* and assure you our personalized services.



We here in VIHA can help you to reach that last mile of your journey towards your dream job.  We are specialized in recruiting young students with or without experience and help you through this journey by providing career advice, designing your CV, reflecting your motivation in the applications, providing training or study materials, conducting mock interviews.  6 professionals including a dedicated counselor, recruiter, trainer, psychologist, researcher and application specialists will travel with you in this journey towards your dream job.  You will not be alone and we are with you. (Note: VIHA doesn’t charge for any direct recruitment services and VIHA only charges for information & training services)

Disclaimer: All the above content has been used by providing the appropriate sources and has not been used to market our business.  The whole and sole purpose of the above information is only to motivate applicants towards their dream job.

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Denmark Work Permit

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