VIHA Online Services is a single stop consulting firm that provides various Tailored Training services for Health care professionals.  VIHA Online Services has been successfully placed in the list of International Recruitment agencies – UK NHS employer’s portal that operates in accordance with the Code of Practices.

VIHA only provides Documentation Assistance to any registration services, the success of the application totally depend on student credebility information provided by the student themself and evaluation done by the regulatory body. VIHA plays a neutral position in giving assistance in all services, no priority will be provided to any student. Regulatory bodies in all countries will change their process and update their standards on timely basis, VIHA will follow accordingly and provide assistance. Any change of rules VIHA plays no responsibility and no refunds will be provided. 

VIHA provides Immigration Assistance and Free Recruitment Assistance. We don’t charge for any recruitment services. VIHA uses the third-party services in filling the above services If required. VIHA files the applications and documents behalf of the candidate in case to fasten the process. All the applications will be handled confidentially and expect same from the candidates. In any services final application copy or VIHA Documentation will not be shared with the student unless it is required to submit any information to regulatory body.

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