Research Proposal

A research proposal is a concise and coherent document of the research you propose.  It explains the importance of the research and the research questions that you intend to address. It gives an outline of the previous research, current research and the methodology you propose the answer the research questions. A research proposal can demonstrate the originality of the research idea 1.


The purpose of a research proposal can be summarised as follows:

1) To propose a project that will result in a significant contribution.

2) To design a detailed plan including methodology and theoretical framework that can be achieved within the required time.

3) To demonstrate your expertise and experience to undertake the project 2.


A research proposal should include the following information:

1. Title

2. Abstract

3. Research Context / Background

4. Research Questions

5. Research Methods

6. Significance of Research

7. Plan of work & time schedule

8. Bibliography  3.

Your research proposal can reflect your skills that include:

Subject knowledge and research skills

A proposal reflects your knowledge on subject and current research.

Critical thinking skills

Critical thinking skills like advanced analysis, evaluation and synthesis skills, creativity, combining vertical and lateral thinking are evident from a good research proposal.

Communication skills

Your ability to express yourself in precise and concise language is reflected in a research proposal2.


Candidates interested in a PhD or a research position are required to produce something more substantial for an external funder or the university.  A best research proposal makes you stand out from the crowd and have the best chance of being selected 4.



Course Description:

Research Proposal Training: (2 days workshop + Supporting Material)

Fee: 25,000 INR (including taxes)

Training is conducted in partnership with TUTLE (Careers & Courses).

The training includes:

1) Overview about research

2) Framing a research question

3) Designing a methodology

4) Tips for best literature reveiw

5) Useful software tools for citations, qualitative and quantitative analysis

6) Explaining project timeline

7) Training material from Hee, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and Royal College of Anaesthetists with one year of access.

8) Career counselling (Research careers - Abroad)


*Requirment: Ambition to excel in research.

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