Recent research in the new field of turnaround management has been of great importance and will help companies in difficult conditions. Turnaround position is a crucial position of a company where the company can be recovered, revived and prevent an irreversible crisis.   For a successful Turnaround strategy, the information needs should be satisfied and should be available for the Turnaround professionals in short frame to make precise and efficient decisions which can rescue firms from financial crisis and this field is looking for right people to take charge.

Analytics has been an emerging and vital field that can transform every field including healthcare, biosciences, management, economics, marketing and other fields.  Research in different fields using analytics has improved the understanding and analysis of the results.  Analytics in the field of healthcare can help the flow of work, workforce, and improve the customer experience.  Forecasting retention and sales using analytics will help the departments like human resources and sales. Analytics can help in finding the potential target customer population for marketing different products.  Research in the field of analytics will help in creating different statistical models and packages that can ease the complicated processes.  There is a scarcity of researchers in this field of analytics where people have PhDs in a specialized field with statistical knowledge but lack programming skills and people with programming efficiency but not in statistics.  This field is looking for researchers who can have both the expertise to become successful data scientists.   We here in VIHA help the young researchers to get there dream PhD position in the field of business and analytics.


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