Academic Clinic Program - VIHAA Online Services

Academic Clinic Program - VIHAA Online Services

We have come up with a new program i.e. Academic Clinic Program for Doctors (MBBS), Dentists, Physiotherapists. This program targets the registration services overseas.

The Countries where our services include: UK, USA, NZ, Australia, Canada


Academic Clinic Program Includes:


  1. Training for English Language Requirements: We do allot a personal tutor for English Language Requirement, following our training session will surely give the satisfactory result.
  2. Educational Assessment: Statement of Comparability is a document that can be used in support of your international qualifications.
  3. Written/Part 1 Exam: In common part 1 exam is written exam. Our qualified trainers will give in class training/Online training along by providing all the necessary training material and guidance.
  4. Clinical/Part 2 Exam: After passing part 1 written exam the very next step will be clinical exam i.e. understanding, treating, the disabilities of a patient directly. For example, like ORE for UK : Dental Manikin, OSCE (objective Structured Clinical Examination), Diagnostics & Treatment, Practical Exam in Medical Emergency.
  5. Scientific journals: As a part of the Academic Program, we provide our candidates access to any international journals as part their research interest.
  6. Spouse Job: As a part of recruitment program we assist job assistance for spouse job assistance where sponsor ship visa is not specifically required.

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