Young minds with love towards the subject develop an interest in research by drawing inspiration from the recent breakthroughs in the field of science.  One of the recent breakthrough has a potential to revolutionize the field of data storage.  A recent development of super form of data storage will be the next level of preserving our data for the coming generations. This research consists of nanostructured glass that can record data in five dimensions using femtosecond laser writing.  The group coined the crystals the “Superman memory crystal” that can store 360TB per disc and is stable at up to 1,000 degrees Celsius.  The crystals have a virtually unlimited lifetime at room temperature, or 13.8 billion year lifespan at 190 degrees Celsius. 

The research in robotics has improved different fields in parallel which includes biomedical engineering, surgical procedures, automobiles and every field that improve the life standards.  For instance, a recent development of a new robotic exoskeleton has produced a new suit that can restore mobility for people who had become paraplegic.  This suit named Austin is a lightweight suit that can control the movement of each leg and walk up to 1.1miles per hour with eight hours of power backup.  This robotic suit made in Professor HomayoonKazerooni’s robotic lab can prove to be an alternative to wheelchairs that will prevent the secondary injuries which ultimately improves the quality of life.

The research in the fields including software engineering, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing engineering and many contribute in building the future.  And, we here in VIHA will help the research students in gaining their dream PhD position.


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