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Energy Conversion Systems

Energy has been a key factor in the development of countries, enabling their economic growth and shaping their environments to the needs of human society. Due to the increasing requirements for energy and its carbon based generation, however, a range of serious problems have evolved, such as the exhausting of resources, air pollution and global warming. Air pollution was successfully tackled during the second half of the 20th century and is no longer a serious problem. The problems around resources and CO2 emissions, however, remain. Using renewable energies on a large scale could eliminate these problems. Renewable energy technologies include biofuels, solar heating and cooling, solar power, as well as water and wind power. Research and development at universities and industries faces the challenge of how to find innovative concepts for a safe, sustainable, and economic energy supply in the future.

Why study Energy Engineering?
Certainly energy is of crucial influence to global development. Due to the increasing requirements for energy and its carbon based generation, however, a range of serious problems have evolved, such as the exhaustion of resources, air pollution and global warming. Concerns in the power sector confront major political, economic, social and ecological consequences. Renewable energy technologies include biofuels, solar heating and cooling, solar power, as well as water and  wind power. Research and development at universities and industries faces the challenge of how to find innovative concepts for a safe, sustainable, and economic energy supply in the future.
The Energy Engineering Master’s program at TU Berlins Campus El Gouna is trying to cover the real scope of energy and to provide students with the necessary skill and mindset to tackle most recent challenges in the energy industry, in particular energy challenges in the MENA region. The EE program deals with the design, development, optimization and realization of fossil fuel- and renewable energy-based energy-conversion plants. Meanwhile the EE Program covers the application of information technologies developed in the energy domain. Main application areas are within electricity generation, energy storage and consumption. Students will learn how to analyze,
design, and implement their knowledge to significant and complex urgencies in the field of energy, e.g. increasing energy efficiency and cost- and environmental effectiveness of energy conversion
processes. Both winter terms of the 2- year program take place at the brand new Campus in El Gouna. In summer the whole campus travels to Berlin. Students are thus exposed to two very different study environments, offering a unique interdisciplinary and intercultural experience. The Master's degree program offers advanced education for students and young professionals holding a
Bachelor's degree or academic equivalent in engineering or natural sciences. On successful completion of the program, students will graduate with an official Master's of Science degree in Energy Engineering from Technische Universität Berlin.

Why Campus El Gouna?
On 28 October 2012, the Technische Universität Berlin has initiate its first satellite campuses in El Gouna a touristic town in Egypt. With three departments: Energy Engineering, Urban Development and Water Engineering the campus scientific focus addresses the main issues of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region at present. Acting as the scientific hub of TU Berlin in the MENA region. As a scientific field office of Technische Universität Berlin in Egypt, the campus provides a fully equipped environment for studying, research and development as well as for cultural and scientific events. The practical orientation of the master's programs offered at the Campus El Gouna necessitate high quality equipment. The large technical hall of the energy department along with different laboratories, field and testing equipment offers a wide range of research opportunities. The Campus El Gouna allows lab-scale testing of most recent technologies, such as a solar thermal energy assisted absorption chiller or a fuel cell training system. As well an extraordinary variety of education plants and test benches is available (e.g. desalination unit, ice stores in refrigeration, steam power plant). Apart from the photovoltaic (PV) test field comparing eight different PV panel technologies and various system configurations, the campus is equipped with its own weather station. Recently the installment of a combined power system on campus ground started (PV, Wind, Battery storage and variable consumer). Furthermore all computers in the campus’ PC pool are equipped with latest software such as (Aspen, Dymola, EbsilonProffessional, Matlab, Modelica, Meteonorm, Polysun etc.) extending the analysis and performance tests with simulation and calculation tools. Not only the brand new campus and its facilities offer unique study environment but as well its location. As TU Berlin’s professor are flown in only for the purpose of teaching their module in intensive classes, students are awarded an out of the ordinary attention. In addition, classes are kept at about 30 students, allowing a large variety of most effective teaching method and a personal contact to most renowned professors.

Application and Admission
The application and admission to one of the Master programs offered at TU Berlin Campus El Gouna can be easily broken down in four steps: Preparation, Submission, Admission and Search for Scholarships. Before submitting you should make sure you gathered all the requested documents. Please check our website for the detailed list of requested documents. In case you are accepted
for studies, you receive a preliminary letter of acceptance. In case you need a scholarship to provide for the study fees or living expenses, search for scholarships early on. As soon as you get the preliminary letter of acceptance applying you can easily apply for scholarships. Consequently, the earlier you obtain the preliminary letter of acceptance, the higher your chances to receive funding. Due to this issue, TU Berlin Campus El Gouna is opening three different deadlines through-out the year: Early, regular and late application.

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