Non-EU workers with less than £35k pay should return back to their country.

Non-EU workers with less than £35k pay should return back to their country.

The British government in a new set of rules has said that non-European Union (EU) residents who earn less than £35,000 a year will be deported from the country .

The new rules, which come into effect from April 6, will mean that all skilled workers from outside the EU who have been living here for less than 10 years will need to earn at least £35,000 a year to settle permanently in the UK. However, certain jobs like nursing are exempt from the fresh regulation.

A petition to repeal the new regulations has been signed by 100,000 British citizens and was even discussed in the parliament, but the government insists the new re gulations are fair and added that the people have been given many years to prepare.

“In the past it has been too easy for some businesses to bring in workers from overseas rather than to take the long-term decision to train our workforce here at home,“ the Guardian newspaper qu oted a British Home Office spokesman as saying.

The Home Office in its impact assessment estimated that the new salary threshold will cost the British economy between £181 million and £171 million while other organisa tions cited a much higher amount of £761 million.


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